“As Selin and Venkadesh working a lot evening-hours last weeks for Ford SDPR Project, this was needed as we also have calls with Ford US, I suggest both to take some hours off in mornings ( Indian mornings) whenever applicable for next weeks. Besides that I would like to emphasize whole Project team appreciates both working so hard and being flexible, so we could achieve a technical integration/ Go live for 7 of 8 SDPR rating elements last weekend- This is the load of SAP data into SuperG ( Ford-Legacy) to show the supplier ratings on a WebUI. Nevertheless we need to solve many issues on SAP side, mainly SCM. So still a lot of work to do.”

Mr. Alev Guenes, Managing PartnerWesternacher Consulting AG

“Congrats to entire team on Go-Live of SPP, who had put in humungous efforts in terms of understanding the complexities of the Forecasting tools / Algorithms, Preparation of Master Data, simulations, and training. Team has learnt many invaluable Insights during the process and we are sure that with this we would be able to increase our Service levels to Customers. Now we are entering into a critical learning cycle to understand and mature the process and the team needs continuous support from Management on this. Once again wishing the team very best.”

Mr. Murali Ramachandran, Asst General Manager Ashok Leyland

“I just wanted to thank you for such great work on the Weir project. Most especially your ability to find ways around the bugs in the system – you have helped keep the project afloat with your broad minded approach and problem solving ability. Only a few more weeks to go live, but thanks so much for the really good support.”

Mr. Roger Brooks, Managing Director Westernacher Consulting AG

“Kumar – Thanks for providing the training on different scenarios of COPA module. It was a very fruitful session and our entire FICO team is delighted.”

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Goyal, IT Head JBM Group

“Good to know that we have successfully tested the end to end failover and fallback of SAP DR System. Thanks everybody for all your help and support in completing this exercise.”

Mr. Nadeem Malim, Deputy General Manager- Information TechnologyTata Interactive System

“I thought I would never say this but IPB is now technically live! Selin spent the whole night up running the master and transactional data across into IBP and then this morning Anantha loaded the history and plan files. We would now like Sharon to start reviewing the data and actually working with the tool – we will support of course. Bear in mind that OE is not in the system and the changes we discussed last week will impact this if approved. I’d really like to thank Weir Minerals for their patience, support and perseverance and also special thanks to Selin who really burned the candle at both ends in recent weeks. Thanks also to Anantha and Birgit for their incredible support as well. And Eugene – we could not have done this without your constant support and fire fighting for us – one day you should try and catch up on some sleep!”

Mr. Roger Brooks, Managing DirectorWesternacher Consulting AG
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